Artist since ‘78, fandom since ‘98. I love using models for my artwork, creating with passion, enjoying life, and treating others with kindness and respect. In January of 2016 I quit my dead-end job of 10 years to become a full-time furry artist, and I couldn’t be happier. Honestly there is no fandom out there as amazing as ours. The love, the support, the appreciation, the feedback…it’s wonderful and it’s magical! Every one of you furs is special to me and I cannot say thank you enough. Gratefully, Grrrwolf Please consider my no-paywall Patreon:

A legendary furry artist that has been producing amazing artwork in the fandom since 1999. Having just got back from a long hiatus, he is back and creating work. He quit his job in January 2016 to fully commit to the artwork and fandom he loves.

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