Jijix has been highly known in the fandom for over six years. He's contributed many memorable characters to the fandom and has made quite an impact.

Even though Jijix had been producing furry art for awhile, in 2008, his popularity really took off with the creation of the characters Ransom and Shale. The popularity of these fluffs exploded online and Jijix became a highly sought artist for commissions.

Taking a hiatus, Jijix rehoned his skills and came back with huge improvements with anatomy and fur texturing. InkedFur definitely had to bring him onboard.

Tired of everyone asking him to draw Ransom over and over, Jijix tried to kill him. Fortunately, Sangie came along, threw money at Jijix, and Ransom came back from his long coma just to make frotties with a red wolf. Everything is right in the world again.

Take this chance to get some of his unique art on your wall!

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