Hello traveller!
You certainly have been brought here by a scent of decent art or you just came (no pun intended) here drawn to a bunch of fresh steaming di... erkhm.

Yes... You want to know a few things about me, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, right? I'm your average artist. Nobody to love too much, nobody to hate either. Generally a friendly individual. I've been drawing since I was 20 and now I'm 27 and counting. Quite a late age for learning how to draw especially since before that time I couldn't lay a proportional stickman on a sheet of paper. Fortunately I had enough motivation and time to develop my skills to the present level but it's not my final goal. I want to be able to render realistic and anatomically correct pictures in the future. Please wish me luck.

Now I'm the most comfortable with drawing canines and felines but I'm trying to learn some basics of drawing reptiles. Thanks much for reading this and enjoy your stay. If you ever wanted to know more you can always talk to me at FA. See ya :)

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