Are you an artist?

At InkedFur we understand that producing and selling prints of your work can be intimidating, and as such, many artists prefer to focus on the creative side of their work.


Our Mascot, Kamilla! Art by Machati-sama

Your Success Is Our Success

At InkedFur, we love furry art. We are active in the fandom and will help get your work to those most likely to buy it. We’ll promote, print, mat, and ship your work so that you can worry less about sales and more about making great artwork.

We seek experienced artists who regularly produce quality work. We especially love full images featuring color, shading, and backgrounds as these tend to sell best, but are happy to take any artwork that does not fall into our ‘Will Not Sell’ guidelines.  (You can find these guidelines further down the page.)

InkedFur Believes in Quality First

We use a professional Canon ImagePROGRAF 6400S printer on luster (semi-gloss) professional 255 GSM photo paper. Our mat process is always acid-free and includes a foam backing board. With this printer, we can print up to 24 x 36 inch posters and two by ten foot banners on vinyl.

Why Join InkedFur
InkedFur Printing Other Sites
We inspect your work before printing and adjust as necessary for best print possible. They rely on you to prepare image for their printers.
We allow more creative content freedom. They have strict guidelines on what they print.
You never pay us. They sometimes have monthly premiums.
We focus on high-quality furry art. They have no focus making it easy to get lost in the crowd.
We pay 30-35% of sales. They pay 10-20% of sales.

What InkedFur Printing Does for You

  • We provide a website where customers can order your artwork.
  • We print, mat (if ordered), and ship your works.
  • 35% of all sales of your artwork goes directly to you.
  • We offer discounted bulk printing options of your artwork. For example, if you want 10 prints of all your images mailed to you or delivered personally to you at a convention to sell, we can perform that service for you. We also offer bulk matting. This is great if you run a Patreon and want to mail out incentives to subscribers. Discounts start at 50% and go up to 65%. This makes us cheaper than most any office store.
  • You can select a series of images to be sold together at a discount. For instance, an underwear boys portfolio or a naughty girls collection.
  • During most promotions, your compensation–the amount you receive per sale–is based on the full price of the work, not the discounted price given to the customer.
  • On your artist page, we link back to any galleries you have, commission pages, and even any websites you run.
  • If you’ve provided artwork for us to print, you can have us remove it from the store with a 24-hour notice. You can also have your entire gallery removed at your discretion.
  • You retain all rights to your printed artwork; you may continue to sell your work through other vendors and services if you desire. (This does not apply to comics, art books, dakimakuras, and wall scrolls.)

Detailed stats for all your orders. Know who is buying what and when. See what’s popular and track what royalties you’re earning, what’s been paid out, and what we still owe you.

Why 35%? Where does the other 65% go?

We’ve had artists curious how the money is distributed on InkedFur. Many sites only pay 20% to artists and they won’t even do adult artwork. We pay more and do adult artwork. Some artists not familiar with printing costs have asked why we can’t pay more then 35% and keep our prices competitive. Here is a full breakdown.

For every $500 in sales on InkedFur, this is where the money goes:


Here is a cost breakdown for the site to run if you’re curious of the exact overhead. This is assuming we have 100 print sales a month.


We are here to make sure artists can profit while we can keep providing a stellar service.

What We Won’t Sell on Your Behalf

While we hate limiting artists, there are some art we just won’t print to sell in your store. We have tried printing some of these things in the past and found it doesn’t tend to sell anyways. (This does not apply to direct printing orders to the commissioner or artist. We will print your cat photos if you want, your selfie collection, just please nothing illegal in the US.) This is mainly to keep with the theme of the site.

  • Fetishizing violence: Any art that portrays an abused victim. Some of our artists and customers are survivors and we don’t like art that makes light of some traumatic experiences. BDSM is allowed but nothing that fetishizes violence, especially against women. Some pieces may be allowed if it appears consensual. It’s up to our judgment.
  • Hate art: Any art that is made to attack a group, such as gender, race, disability, orientation, etc, or specific individuals.
  • Children in adult situations: Otherwise known as adult cub art to some. Chibi art or cubs not in adult situations is okay. If character is known to be of consenting age or it’s stated that the character is aged up, it’s perfectly fine.
  • Wildlife portraits. While we like a lot of it, it doesn’t sell to furries looking for furry art in most cases we’ve seen.
  • Art which exclusively features humans. We are a furry themed site and prefer to have prints display furries or other fantasy species such as nagas, demons, etc.
  • Rough sketches, work in progresses, or hastily drawn art.
  • Hard vore: Art where the victim dies or is dismembered.
  • Guro: Depends on the context but most gore or gore for the sake of gore, such as candy gore, isn’t allowed.
  • Snuff: No dead furs or furs being murdered in a sexual situation.
  • Scat: For instance, diaperfurs are okay but not soiled diapers. Watersports is okay, but no fecal matter.

We encourage all are artists to submit anything they think would sell. It is always up to our discretion to sell it. There is no punishment or suspension if you upload something that breaks our rules.  It simply will not be posted or sold. Some art may not be posted with no reason given. It is always at our discretion.

Other Services We Offer

  • Digital portfolio sales, similar to Gumroad, except that adult items are allowed, plus catalog listing (which Gumroad charges 15% for). 35%? No. We’ll pay you 85% of all sales. Remember, there’s no 3% + $0.35 PayPal fee. So you’re only paying us the fees, a furry business, instead of helping a corporation make even more money.
  • Full-color adult comic book printing and selling paying 30% plus 50% buying your own copies! If you are working on a comic or already have a comic posted online, please contact us. Just add a bit of extra content for the print version and you’ll likely be approved.
  • Wall scrolls! You get the same 35% for these as well and yes they can be adult too. Just specify when uploading art if you want a wall scroll of it available. Depending on interest and content, we may elect to have it as a wall scroll.
  • Dakimakuras: We now offer dakimakuras at 62 x 20 inches. This is wider than most dakimakuras so US pillows fit much more comfortably. We offer these in three different fabrics: peachskin, plush, and two-way tricot.
  • 3D Ergonomic Mousepads: Sexy mousepads where the characters’ breasts or butts are the wrist rest.
  • Acrylic Standees: 7″ tall double-sided standing characters.
  • Pillow cases: We also sell standard pillow cases at 20 x 28 inches in size.
  • Beach Towels: Available in a two sizes. These are all single-sided and large.

More info on our fabric products

Potential Future Services

We will always focus on providing the best prints possible, but due to creator inquiries and suggestions, we may be offering some or all of the below services in the future:

  • Calendars
  • T-shirts and other clothing
  • Trading cards

Our Request From You

  • At least 10 high-resolution files provided to use as PSD, SAI, TIFF, PNG, or BMP. (To print at 600 DPI on a 24 x 36 inch print, the resolution would have to be 14400 x 21600 pixels. We look for a minimum of about 2500 pixels on each side. If it’s much smaller, we’ll have to offer only smaller sizes.)
  • Willingness to advertise our site on your user page on FA, Weasyl, Inkbunny, etc. This would just be a text link like “Buy prints of my artwork at”
  • If you want to sell prints of commissions, please have it in your terms of service that you maintain all rights to the artwork and acquire proof of agreement to these terms. We recommend using JotForms for recording digital signatures.


Please visit our support center.

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