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About Us

InkedFur was started in 2014 as a response to multiple requests for a furry-friendly printer. We have since expanded to a variety of products, such as pillow cases, comics, figurines, and playmats.

We initially were built on WooCommerce but have since had a custom-built website in Ruby on Rails constructed to better serve our creators and customers.

InkedFur is a diverse team of furry fans and creators doing our best to serve as many tastes as possible.

Mau Abata: Developer and Designer

Kei: Product Curator

László: Product Curator

Niveus Fox: Product Curator

Inkmaven: Creator Relationships

Stripes: Creator Relationships

If you're looking to get in contact with us, please go to

If you're a creator who wants to sell their works with us, check out

Updated 01 Oct 2018