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Due to COVID-19, shipping has been delayed. We thank you for your patience during these trying times! If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ for details.


COVID-19: How long is my order going to take?

All of our items are made-to-order. As such, it takes time to create them and have them shipped, as they aren’t produced until an order comes in for them.

All prints are made in house and ship between 1-2 business days depending on size and quantity. International shipping is delayed due to customs quarantining mail, though if you have concerns about said shipments, please refer to the tracking number sent for estimations. Priority mail shipping you should get within a month but we’ve had reports of some first class packages taking two months internationally as customs isn’t fully staffed. We may put a low value on the package to speed it through.

All dakimakuras, wall scrolls, playmats, mousepads, and custom non-print items are currently delayed due to closure of shipping ports and quarantining by customs. As of right now, we are expecting a two to three month wait for items in these categories. Please contact the help desk for specific wait times and/or to be notified when they are arriving at our warehouse. We do have a small selection of items in stock and ready to ship, and you are welcome to contact the help desk for recommendations. All our in-stock clearance items are available at Our most popular artist has his own shop at

If you order a print and non-print item, we will attempt to ship them together. We can send the printed items separately at an upgraded shipping price dependent on location. Please contact the help desk for exact pricing if you require it.

Once the order has been shipped, you will receive an email from ShipStation with a tracking number so you can keep an eye on your package.

COVID-19: Refund Policy/Order cancellation

Please contact the help desk to check on your order before considering canceling your order! It might be a few days away.

As of August 1st, 2020, Our refund policy is as follows:

Unshipped orders canceled within the first 30 days will receive a 100% refund.

Unshipped orders canceled after 30 days are subject to a 60% refund due to artist royalties already being paid out by then.

Once a tracking number is provided, no refund can be provided unless the package is insured and then it’s up to USPS. We may offer reshipments in some cases.

Any orders made before August 1st, 2020 should contact the help desk for advising.

COVID-19: Why is my order taking so long?

We work with manufacturing partners overseas to produce our non-print items. Due to the multitude of factors in shipping and productions, we are seeing wait time greatly exceed our normal four to six weeks. We are working with our partners every day to provide the quickest production, though we value quality above speed. Production time on non-print items are estimated at two to four months due to closure of shipping ports and quarantining by customs.

Updated 11 May 2023