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Creator Agreement

0. Introduction

This part over here isn't legally binding. This is just to give a quick summary of the legalize beneath.

All creators applying to join InkedFur, InkedFur Staff, including InkedFur's Owner, must abide by this agreement. This is an at-will agreement that can be terminated by any party for any reason. However, a reasonable attempt of written notification must be made. While we are usually willing to talk things out with creators, some situations may prevent this or we may deem that there is no way to resolve an issue in a way that can be reasonably expected of us. If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please email us at before submitting an application or visit our help portal.

1. Account

You're an adult and signing this states you agree to the below terms. You can leave us if you want with 24 hours notice.

By joining InkedFur and making use of the site and it’s services, you hereby agree that you are aged 18 or above, and are responsible for all content you upload to the site with the intent to sell.

By submitting an application to join InkedFur, you accept the InkedFur Terms of Service. It is possible to close your account, at any time, at your request by contacting The account will be closed within 24 hours to allow any pending orders to be completed. Please see section 14 for further information on termination.

2. Image Upload Policy

You can sell commissions and a variety of fetishes, but please keep it legal. We reserve the rights to deny any image uploaded for any reason.

You are allowed to upload only images that have been created by, or in partnership with, you. Commissions, by US copyright law, are considered collaborative works. Unless stated otherwise in your Terms of Service, both you and the commissioner have monetization rights. We recommend all our creators allow for the sale of prints in their personal commissions Terms of Service along with full ownership rights to the work.

Images depicting extreme violence, gore, some bathroom fetishes, extreme inflation, suggestive sexual exploitation of a child, or rape will not be accepted. We maintain full rights to deny the sale of any image with or without providing a reason for the decision.

3. Copyrights

The images you are uploading you have rights to sell. Fanart is okay if it's transformative and no trademarked names, places, or companies are used. Also, please don't trace.

You assert that you are the copyright holder for all images that you upload with the intent to sell. At any time, you can revoke permission for InkedFur to sell an image by sending a request via email to The images in question will be removed within twenty-four hours of receipt of your request. All orders placed before the 24-hour window of the receipt of your resignation will be fulfilled and royalties will be paid to you.

For all fan art of copyrighted or trademarked material, it can be only be reproduced as satire or as transformative work. There are exceptions to this policy as deemed appropriate by the original copyright holder. For instance, anything containing Disney or Nintendo copyrighted or trademarked content can only be sold as a print if it’s a transformative work. No bulk production of dakimakuras, calendars, wall scrolls, or other high volumes is permitted. If you are unsure if your work will be permitted due to copyright concerns, please contact us at and we will do our best to help you.

Traced artwork, be it traced photos or traced pieces of someone else's art is not permitted. If a trace piece is discovered of yours, you may receive one warning and that piece will be removed. Otherwise, your account will be terminated.

4. Service

You give us digital files and we sell art on your behalf. We decide the products and have full control.

InkedFur promises to print and sell images selected by customers in your stead and to transfer a part of the acquitted fees to a destination specified by you.

InkedFur guarantees the quality of images and will handle all customer inquiries about the quality of the product being sold. InkedFur will determine what sizes and products are most suitable for the sale of your content, based on the file quality and dimensions of each individual piece uploaded.

5. Alterations to Uploaded Images

What you upload may be modified by us for best print. Please upload layered TIFFs if you want your signature to always be on the print as crops may leave it out.

InkedFur may modify any images you upload to make them fit for printing. This includes, but is not limited to, changes in color balance, leveling, and cropping. By submitting images to InkedFur, you are giving us the full right to modify the images as we see fit to get the best print possible. This does NOT allow us to change the colors completely, remove characters, or add any art to the image. We will also not crop out characters. If you are concerned that your signature may be cropped out to fit a certain print size, please submit a PNG copy of your signature so it can be added, or submit multi-layered TIFF files of your work with the signature on a separate layer. We will make our best attempts to keep it on the print.

6. Permissions Given by Uploading Artwork

Your art may be used in advertisements by InkedFur and printed to sell at conventions and other events. Any source files you upload will only be accessible by InkedFur staff. Mass-produced books and other items may be sold at other retailers.

When you upload artwork to InkedFur, you authorize the use of that content in order to promote your gallery and your prints. Proper credit to you will be given in the event of us doing so. We make preview images of all art for use on various furry gallery sites, Twitter, Tumblr, etc to encourage sales of your art. We also run banner ads on a variety of websites that may feature your artwork. We may also take your prints or products with us to conventions and events to sell them there in your stead. In these cases, your work may be sold at prices that vary from the website. All convention sales have 30% royalties of the sales price.

Whether or not products featuring your artwork are sold at conventions is solely at InkedFur’s discretion. We make the best attempt possible to provide a selection of artwork from all our creators.

For exclusive art where you only want a censored/cropped version shared, you will be allowed to censored the preview.

If your artwork is removed from your InkedFur shop, it will no longer be used in any future marketing but existing prints of it may still be sold unless the creator wishes to purchase them off us at their usual 50% off rate. InkedFur will never share or release the high resolution files of your artwork.

Books and other non-print items may be sold at other retailers. When we sell items to a retailer, the creator is paid royalties based on our store retail price.

7. Exclusivity of non-print products.

If it's not a print, the design must be exclusive to us for that product. In example, if you have a fox pinup on a wall scroll for sale at InkedFur, you can't sell that same pinup as a wall scroll on a competitor. For items you sell yourself at conventions, not online, this rule doesn't apply.

As long as you are a Creator with InkedFur, any work submitted to be used as an acrylic standee, book, comic, dakimakura, wall scroll, or mousepad, will remain exclusively sold online by InkedFur as these product types. This is due to the bulk-production of these products and the investment involved in doing so. You, as our creator, are allowed to sell items directly at conventions or other in-person events without approval from us even if the product doesn’t come from InkedFur.

If at any time while you are still a creator with InkedFur, you sell a product you are currently selling with us in the acrylic standee, book, comic, dakimakura, wall scroll, or mousepad product categories, via a company other than InkedFur, then no restock of that product will occur on InkedFur. We may also choose to terminate your contract with us and you will be asked to purchase any remaining stock of your products. If you choose not to purchase remaining stock then it will be sold at a discount and no royalties will be paid to you. If another company seems to be offering you a better deal, feel free to contact our support and show us so that a potential arrangement may be made.

8. Fees and Transfer of Funds.

You will be paid monthly via bank wire, direct deposit, or potentially another method regularly as long as earned royalties are at least $50. PayPal cannot be used. Royalties are held at least 30 days to allow for potential returns, cancellations, etc. We pay 40% on prints, 35% on dakimakuras and wall scrolls, 30% mousepads, playmats, and acrylics, and 25% on all bound books. All sales at conventions are paid a flat 30% to account for travel and booth fees. If we aren't able to pay you due to an error, we will contact you and you will have 180 days to let us know how to send you the funds, or they're forfeited.

The services provided for you do not contain explicit fees; however, the cost of raw materials used for printing and matting, and the time spent on shipping and customer service must be taken into account. InkedFur transfers back to you 40% (forty percent) of the prices shown on the website as royalties for prints. For dakimakuras and wall scrolls, we pay 35% (thirty-five percent). For everything else, we pay at 25 (twenty-five) to 30% (thirty percent) of the prices shown on the website. For conventions or other brick and mortar events, you will be paid 30% (thirty percent). The prices however depend solely on the size of prints and the quality of the materials used, and are not able to be changed at your request. Product prices and artists’ shares may be changed with appropriate notice. If you buy products from us to sell on your own, pricing is up to you. All royalties are held at least 30 days to account for returns, cancellations, or other unforeseen issues. We can only pay out at a minimum of $50 USD every month. If you need funds earlier, please contact us to make arrangements. For all US-based artists, you will be paid via direct deposit and will make an account through Homebase to do this. You will be required to fill out a 1099, which we by law report to the IRS. By February, you will be provided a 1099 for the previous year if you earned royalties.

International artists may have fees associated to receive funds through bank wire, Boosty, Wise, Western Union, or another service. Payouts may be less frequent.

If the payment to you is declined, we will make all reasonable attempts to contact you via the email you provided when you joined. If we still do not hear from you, we will hold the payment for a maximum of 180 days. After this point, your InkedFur store will be closed, and remaining product will be given away or disposed of. Always keep your method of payouts updated and keep communication open.

On a case by case basis, you can return and be paid any held royalties.

9. Code of Conduct

Don't harass our staff or customers either on InkedFur or other websites. We may warn you or just end your contract with us.

All creators with InkedFur are expected to act in a professional, respectful, and fair manner to other creators, staff, and customers. This includes not just on, but social media and any other sites you reside on. If any of our customers, staff, or creators are harassed, threatened, doxxed, or otherwise abused due to your actions, your relationship with InkedFur may come to an end. If terminated from InkedFur, you will receive written notice, your art will be removed, and all outstanding royalties due to you at the time of termination will be paid. As outlined below, InkedFur reserves the right to sell off any remaining physical stock after such a termination or you may buy it from us.

10. Exposure to Potentially Offensive Content

Make sure adult artwork is legal in your country. Also, we aren't liable if anything on this website upsets you.

At InkedFur we pride ourselves in offering all types of furry art in our product range. Due to this, you may encounter artwork that you may find offensive, harmful, or distasteful. Examples of subjects we sell: * Watersports * Violence * BDSM * Chastity * Breathplay * Other adult content including a wide variety of genders and sexualities

In the future, InkedFur will integrate a tag filter system. Currently these topics are only separated by their respective categories.

By being one of our creators, you agree you will maintain a professional code of conduct with artists and staff regarding the content and not hold InkedFur liable for any discomfort or distress you may experience as a result of viewing this content. You also agree that it is legal for you to view such material in your country of residence.

Example: If you are a resident of Bangladesh, where all pornography is illegal, even if you do not draw explicit material, it is probably not safe for you to be a creator on InkedFur or to visit this website in any capacity.

11. Product Purchasing

Most products with your designs can be purchased at half price. For outsourced items, we cannot guarantee delivery dates but we can make our best efforts.

At any time, you may elect to purchase stock of your own products (prints, books, dakimakuras, towels, and so on) to sell yourself at conventions or elsewhere. You will receive a discounted price due to the lack of royalty fees, which you will not receive should you purchase stock directly from us. You may sell these products at whatever price you deem fit; however, we suggest that you sell at the same prices as InkedFur so that we are not undercutting you.

As a creator, you may be allowed up to a 50% discount on all products that have your design. Orders must be placed through email or our support system. If you want us to create a design exclusively for you to not be sold on our website, the discount may not apply and there may be a minimum order required.

As in every case where we must ship products, you are advised that delays, damage, or other issues caused by shipping must be taken up with the postal authorities. InkedFur is not liable for any issues caused during shipping; once items have been handed over to the postal services for shipping, they are out of our hands. If you purchase priority mail, which includes insurance, we will work with the postal service to get the funds back to support reshipping any lost items. For wall scrolls, mousepads, comics, art books, pillow cases, and dakimakuras, please allow up to six weeks for fulfillment. Prints are usually fulfilled within one week or less depending on the volume you request.

In cases where InkedFur acts as a distributor and not a printer or producer (such as for dakimakuras, books, wall scrolls, and towels) any delays, defects, or other manufacturing issues are, as with shipping, out of our hands. InkedFur is not liable for any problems caused by the vendor or the manufacturing process. If the product is not up to promised specifications or quality control, we can offer a reprint or partial refund.

If, for some reason, you have a balance due for products purchased and it isn’t fully paid by the time of receipt, we may choose to use your royalties to pay your owed balance, instead of paying them directly to you. If this is done, you will be notified by email that royalties have been applied to an invoice.

12. Disputes

We are friendly folk! Try to resolve disputes through us at Give us a chance to make things right, and if we can't, you are free to leave.

In the event of a problem arising between You and InkedFur, we will do our best to resolve the issue with you in the most peaceful and beneficial way as possible. In cases where we are at fault (due to damaged prints, mis-filled orders, or delayed time to place products in shipping, for example) InkedFur is happy to provide discounts, refunds, free shipping, or complimentary products as appropriate. These compensations are exclusively at InkedFur’s discretion, and the degree and type of action to be taken is solely for InkedFur to determine.

In the case of issues where InkedFur is not at fault, and the issue arose due to something outside of our control, we may still see fit to provide compensation. However, any compensation, the degree, and type thereof are completely at InkedFur’s discretion.

InkedFur is the final authority on whether a dispute is due to our actions or something outside of our control. Should you choose to harass, berate, attempt to manipulate, threaten, or otherwise abuse InkedFur, it’s reputation, or it’s staff members in relation to a dispute, your contract with InkedFur will be immediately terminated as outlined in section 13.

13. Termination of Agreement

If you quit, you may either have us sell off your stock at discount up to 100% (royalties still paid based on sales price) or you may buy it from us at the normal half-off rate. All royalties you've made up to the date you quit will be paid out to you. You must email and include the email address you signed up as, your legal name, and a link to your store on InkedFur. If we reply to you, you must respond with any requested information so we can close the proper account. You can come back if you want, but you must apply again as a new creator.

You may decide to leave InkedFur and terminate our agreement for any reason at any time. While we do our utmost to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of all our clients, we understand that sometimes a satisfactory agreement is not able to be reached. Please send us a written email to notifying us of your departure. You must include your legal name, the email address you signed up with, and a link to your InkedFur store. Should you wish to seek legal action for any reason, please notify us in the departure email, and we will have our attorney contact you as soon as possible in order to settle things in a way that satisfies all parties involved. This will delay the process.

At the point of termination, your storefront will be removed from the site, but we may sell any remaining physical stock featuring your artwork that was produced prior to termination at a discount from 25 to 100% off. You will be paid the normal percentage rate based on the price we sell it for.

If you wish, you may instead purchase any remaining stock of your work at a discount. Max quantity of stock on hand per artist for prints is around 20 depending on how many images you submitted to us. The average will be under ten. Wall scrolls and dakimakuras is five per design, but comics can be upwards of 100 per issue as we have them printed in bulk quantities.

If you later wish to rejoin InkedFur, you must go through the application and approval process again after at least six months have passed.

InkedFur retains the right to terminate our agreement at any time. The same process will be followed as in cases where you have terminated the agreement, with the exception that we will destroy remaining stock instead of selling it ourselves if it was not due to any fault of the creator.

14. Disclaimer

InkedFur's website may go offline at times for maintenance or reasons out of our control. You can't sue us for loss of income for this.

Your use of this site is solely at your own risk. This site is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. InkedFur will do our best to sell your prints and transfer your funds to you in a timely manner. There may be some outages and/or interruptions that are out of our control.

15. Changes to the Terms of Service

This document may change. If it changes significantly, we will have you sign it again. Your store may be suspended if the new contract isn't signed.

This is a live document and InkedFur has the right to change the Terms of Service with appropriate notice. If the change is major, your previous signature will be invalidated and you will have a week to sign the new contract or your store will be suspended until you do so. We don't expect more than one or two changes per year.

Updated 27 Oct 2022