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Sales history has moved! Unfortunately, past sales do not display correctly. Please click on Your Shop then click on Reports. You can also select Orders to see every order where someone ordered one of your products. Please note that the title for past orders may not be the correct name of the product that sold. Future orders should have this corrected.

Thanks for your patience. =)

Policies and Responsibilities

Greetings fans, friends, customers, and creators, Due to several recent cases, it has come to our attention that we may need to clarify our policies regarding special treatment and specific situations. We have had several creators and customers who have seemed to expect us to go beyond what we are comfortable with as a business - which is to say, expecting us to provide free or discounted products and services, provide refunds for products already received, or any number of other responses to situations in which they feel wronged by a situation that has become difficult, in ways that we feel may be excessive. Such difficult situations include delays, policy misunderstandings, and other occurrences wherein the creator or customer and InkedFur do not see eye to eye. While we always strive to provide the best service and products possible, there are always going to be situations in which unfortunate occurrences are out of our hands, or where we must absolutely stick to our policies and guidelines as a business. InkedFur, like any business, cannot afford to take large losses when misfortune strikes a situation in ways we could not have forseen. In situations where mistakes or unfortunate circumstances are InkedFur's responsibility, we will of course make our best efforts to make it up to our clients and resolve the situation to the extent that we are able. Even in situations where it is NOT InkedFur's responsibility, we always do our best to make sure everyone is as happy as possible. However, we simply cannot go against our own policies time and again to soothe those making demands that are beyond a reasonable expectation for resolving things. Were we to give special treatment outside of our standard policies to every client who pursued it, we would have a very hard time making a profit indeed -- and it is completely within normal expectations for a business to wish to make a profit, as that is the purpose of businesses in general. While InkedFur prides itself on being a present, responsible, easy to work with, and enjoyable part of the community, we are obviously first and foremost a business and must operate as such. We apologize for any frustration this may cause but sticking to our policies and principles is very important for well-organized and well-run business practices. It must be made clear that once products have left our hands and are in shipping, we cannot be responsible for any delays, damage, or other issues. Please take up such issues with the postal authorities themselves. We also cannot take responsibility for delays due to manufacturing products which we do not produce in-house (such as towels, dakimakurs, and books). We always make our best efforts to keep things running smoothly and on time, but we cannot control the parts of our services which are not handled by us directly. We hope this clears up any misunderstandings there may have been about how InkedFur must and does function, and we wish to make it clear that we always want the best for our creators and customers and for everyone to come out of these situations feeling as satisfied and happy as possible. Additionally, we will be updating our policies and terms on the website soon to clarify things further, and will post a notification when this is complete. Thanks for reading!

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Fabric Printing Templates!

We have updated our dakimakura sizes from 150 cm x 50 cm to 60 in x 20 in. This will allow for the larger US type pillows to fit easier without potentially damaging the dakimakura. Click on Fabric Printing above!

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November 2015 Newsletter

We have updates on MFF and our new art submission process. Please take a read! If you did not get this newsletter in your inbox, please email us using the support tab on the right.  

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