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Anything you can do, I can do better

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Part of herraardy 's Secret Santa trade, for saetia (
Herr Aardy, well done for organizing all this, I think it was a great idea!

The concept behind the painting: I did not want to do just a pinup, instead, I wanted to include some characters to frame the recipient the gift painting was created for. Hence, two KCC boys, dressed up, or down, it's up to you, in a rather feminine fashion, yet, never well enough to outshine a proper female such as saetia

P.S: Fingers crossed she will like it, there is also an alternate solo version on High Quality, but that is for Saetia to know I suppose ;p
P.S2: Yeah, it is suggestive, but I find to reason to 'mature' this in terms of rating. I think.

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