Midnight Lycanroc Dakimakura: Female


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Ready to have a rocking night? ;3

Character owned by Valkoinen
Transformative work of a species © The Pokémon Company

Pillow is not included. These are designed for three regular pillows or one 20 x 60 inch body pillow. These are all tested to work with Royal Pillow’s body pillow.

Our dakimakura body pillow cases come in two different fabrics depending on the look you want and your budget. They all feature strong seams and a hidden zipper.

Smooth Knit
Easy to care for, soft, sturdy, and has a cotton-like texture. Also has some stretch to it. This is far higher quality than peach skin, the standard and cheaper dakimakura fabric used by our competition. Also easier to wash.

This fabric has the fuzzy feel you may be looking for! It has a furry texture (much like a plush animal) and will keep you warm all winter. It can be washed by itself in cold water on delicate settings but must be hung dried. Dry cleaning is also an option. Keep in mind this fabric is warm and may be too much warmth for hotter climates.

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