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Suns Set, Moons Rise: Nude

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Pirate's ship busted through the atmosphere and the flames from the reentry died down, allowing him to see the vast sand dunes of the planet surface he was to land on. In among the sea of boiling sand there was a simple small metal square just big enough to let Pirate land his craft on the top of a small plateau range. When he set his ship down and turned it off, the ship's computer warned him of the conditions. It was 49c outside, but with fully breathable air and low radiation. Pirate sat back in his chair and sighed, another stupid meeting point for his primary trading contact.

Earlier Jay suggested that they both arrive naked to deal with the intense heat of the planet, but Pirate figured Jay was up to something...the last time Pirate met his trading companion he tried to scam him and Jay ended up getting a taste of Pirate's boot insole for his arrogance. Pirate wondered if Jay wanted to see if he could take the bird on without his armour, with no risk of any equipment or weapons getting in the way, but he still stripped down and walked out to the airlock completely naked.

It fizzled open to a bright red sky lit up with the two M-class stars like burning dots on the planet's horizon. He was hit with a wave of searing heat so strong that it made him wince slightly as he began to walk across the sandy platform. His sweaty talons were already sticking to the ground, collecting sand and muck, much to his disgust, but he chuckled to himself as he thought about wiping it on Jay's face again should he try anything. Pirate walked for a moment, then turning a corner he saw Jay leaning on a wooden fence post, idly looking out towards the horizon.

He hadn't noticed him yet, so Pirate stopped for a moment and tilted his head to admire Jay's effeminate body curving down to his thick bubble butt. Jay occasionally swished his tailfeathers to flick away the heat, giving Pirate glimpses of a puffy black anus just above his dangling sack. Pirate shook his head to try and regain focus, trying to fight his burgeoning erection poking its tip just out of his feathered cloacal sheath; he never really thought about Jay in that way, but he had to admit...while the trader was a shady fuck, he had a damn fine body. Pirate walked up and rested his arms on the wooden fence next to Jay and talked to him calmly, admiring the beautiful waves of scorching sand lit up by the binary sunset in front of them: "You know, Jay, I gotta say...first there was that planet with the Reavers, then the jungle...and now this. You're determined to make me die of heat exhaustion."

"After the last time, I don't think I'll ever want to smell you ever again." Jay bemoaned, as he leaned forward and jutted out his tailfeathers more, smiling as he noticed Pirate's eyes quickly glimpse at his exposed rear and pretending he hadn't.

"I'll make it up to you..." Pirate cooed moving down his left hand to cover his crotch up.

"You're gonna give me your cargo for free?" Jay asked

"Something better" Pirate replied, grabbing a handful of ass and slowly moving his fingers toward's Jays puffed anus.

Characters: PirateEagle & jaythebluejay

Posted in: Nude
hello! i'm an italian guy that loves to draw, i can draw everything!(humans too), hope you will give a look to my gal...

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