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Thai Grr

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"What do ya think to the title? - yeah i thought it was pretty shite too ^_^ Ya cant beat a shit pun, but you can beat an egg.
eats a sandwhich
Fuck! That was more in-tents than camping!! Get it? intense - in-tents? Never mind. I’m on a roll with the shit jokes!! :P

Speaking of sandwhiches and bread,
Has anyone ever tried reverse toast? No!? Oh my goodness, it’s like . . . bread!
To make it, get a slice of bread and do absolutely fuck all to it. Now you have reverse toast :D

Here’s another great toast recipe:
first, freeze a slab of jelly, either in the freezer, or a very cold microwave. Once it has frozen, you need to make some toast (I like to use bread and a toaster for this). Once the toast is made, smash it into tiny shitty little crumbs using a hammer (although firm pressure from the hand will work)
All ya do then, is schprinkle the toast crumbs on the frozen jelly. Wallah, you did it.
I wouldn’t recommend eating it, cos it tastes like shit. So go ahead and throw it behind your neighbours shed :D

Anyways, enough yammering shite! Heres my new picture wag wag wag face-slap

Love ya lots, much and many floofs ^_^ hugs n wags <3 <3 <3 "

Posted in: Underwear/Swimsuit
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Hi Furs and Furettes My name is Bask, your local Utonagan! I am a self taught artist and have been drawing furry art ...

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