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The Protector: Dressed

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A hunter primarily, a family protector second, and a warrior third. His tribe is known as the Wawahtewa Lenni-Lenape, divided into four distinct sub-groups, one of which is the Tipisk clan; Pihko Misit's clan. Personality-wise, he's stoic to those he typically does not know well. His is a tendency to say little, if anything, and instead observe someone new until a read has been made on just who he's associating with. If a positive relationship is established, he becomes much more gregarious and outgoing!
Somewhat vain in a sense, proud of how he looks and how his muscular physical stature carries an imposing nature to those around him. Indeed, he's quite masculine in that regard. This aspect leads well to the traditional dress of his people, which in a contemporary view is very limited. The notion of physical modesty does not carry much weight, as tribal members are equally comfortable in just a very narrow loincloth as they are in absolutely nothing. - by Smokepaw

Commissioned by Smokepaw.

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