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Tranceons: Vee the Eevee

Tranceons: Vee the Eevee
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Relaxation is a natural behaviour. Even in the wild many creatures learn to wind down from their busy lives to relax for the night to rest their brains, and some even do so recreationally if they are safe enough. People are no different, in fact we've naturally found nearly every way under the sun to do so.
Unlike the others, Eevee doesnt use any special powers or techniques, he sticks to the basics, turning to your own experiences, your own personal personality. He's flexible and personal with his soft words. tailoring them to whatever you need to relax the deepest.

Posted in: Dressed
Just a goopy artist with some wares to sell~! I like more... shall we say. Relaxing themes~?

Prints and Posters at full-bleed on acid-free luster paper. We have the best prints in the fandom! We have both US and European sizes available. We also offer matting too!

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