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Endless Summer: A Morenatsu Fan Project

Endless Summer: A Morenatsu Fan Project

Art Book

by Stripes the Raccoon

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Artists Featured: Tsaiwolf, Stripes the Raccoon, Zeta-Haru, Azelyn, Basch, MystikFox, Bastion, Spazzy Husky, Solis Canis, WhiteLeo, Zazush-una, Chum Basket, Furry Ratchet, and Tyroo.

This is an adult art book featuring the cast of Morenatsu! For those who aren’t familiar, its a kemono dating sim game that sadly went under a few years back. There have been attempts to revive it since, but none of succeeded. So, to celebrate it and its colorful cast, I thought it’d be fun to round up artists and collaborate to produce a little something.

~ Stripes the Raccoon

This is a parody project done for little profit and meant to celebrate Morenatsu and means no means of legal infringement. All characters owned by Gamma-G.

This is a stabled, full-color art book on 32 pages (including covers) printed on gloss paper at size 10.5 x 8 inches.



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