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Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller

Wall Scroll

by Grrrwolf

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  • 24 x 36 in. (60 x 90 cm.)
  • PVC pipe with caps and string on top.
  • 1 Year warranty covers accidental damage.
Dakimakura Details

So here's what I did...a cross-dressing fox fortune teller! "He's" showing your fortune.'s a guy in there. Now I wonder when that happened last...a fox dressing in drag as a fortune teller? Hrmmmm...I'll let you think on that one, but I didn't say who it was! =P

A lot of work went into this one, about a month or two without working on anything else. Aside the somewhat obvious reference, I also looked to the original Scooby-Doo cartoons for colors and backgrounds for inspiration as well as the music of Dead Can Dance, Danny Elfman, and a few others like the score from Queen of the Damned. Definite thanks go out to Sabastian for modeling for this, too.


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