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Jennifer Hopps (Nude)

Jennifer Hopps (Nude)


by Poisewritik

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  • 20 x 60 in. (52 x 154 cm.)
  • Zipper on bottom end.
  • 1 Year warranty covers rips and tears.
Dakimakura Details
Jennifer Hopps, younger sister of Judy Hopps, who was sent out as an exchange student to Russian Lands where her primary focus was sports and athletics. Jenny later started to build a passion to join police because news about Judy Hopps reached even the Russian Lands. Jennifer built her path to become the fastest, strongest, and most fearless bunny of all time. After a few years passed, she returned back to her home and immediately joined Police Academy in Zootopia. Jenny made huge success and found her own very special "methods" to deal with criminals. Now, she's trying her best to make her older sister notice her.


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