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Lion's DARE (Blazed and Aroused)

Lion's DARE (Blazed and Aroused)


by Tsaiwolf

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  • 20 x 60 in. (52 x 154 cm.)
  • Zipper on bottom end.
  • 1 Year warranty covers rips and tears.
Dakimakura Details

When I saw an old DARE cartoon featuring an anthropomorphic lion, I wanted to see if Rule 34 was still alive and Azelyn made it sure was. I actually discovered the cartoon while watching Adam Ruins Everything (Watch the full episode on Netflix). I wanted to do my own take on him so I made the D.A.R.E. mascot.

Tsaiwolf nor InkedFur encourage illegal drug use, but if it's legal in your area, what's wrong with some partying?


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